Contracting and cancellation policy

Commercial terms

  1. Acceptance of reservations

Suppliers accept reservations exclusively from persons in their full powers and capacities and with full legal competence. Legal persons must act through a duly authorized person.

  1. Arrival to destination and compliance with regulations

The user is responsible for arriving at the meeting point on time. If the user came from abroad to perform the reserved activity, he will be personally responsible for having the necessary documentation to travel (passport, etc.), as well as complying with health regulations, among others.

  1. Conditions of participation

The user is personally responsible for compliance with any conditions of participation. The provider reserves the right to exclude those participants who do not meet the conditions established for each activity. In this case, the amounts paid will not be reimbursed.

  1. Binding nature of requests

The contract between the user and Adaptrans Bus SLU is considered subscribed by the acceptance of the service by the user. The user will be notified by email.

  1. Payments

By default, the form of payment will be in cash after the service contracted, except for those services in which, by their nature, Adaptrans Bus considers it necessary that part of the payment or its entirety be made at the time of booking. In this case, the client will be notified by email.

The customer is also free to make the payment when making his reservation. In this case, once the reservation is made, the payment will be charged on the user’s credit card, or if he prefers it by bank transfer. If the provider does not accept the reservation or the client wishes to cancel it, the amount paid will be refunded on the same credit card or, in the same account in case of bank transfer.

  1. Services not subscribed

The user can not claim the provision of the service when he has not paid for the reserved services or has returned the payment of said services. These situations will be understood as an annulment of the reservation.

  1. Cancellation policy

Adaptrans Bus does not apply cancellation costs as long as the client cancels the reservation more than 48 hours prior to the completion of the service. In particular cases, Adaptrans Bus reserves the right to reduce this free cancellation period. In this case the client will be informed by email when accepting their reservation.

Cancellations within the previous 48 hours or, within the agreed timeframe with Adaptrans Bus if applicable, will have a cancellation fee of 20%, provided that the payment for the service has already been paid.

The refund will be made within 20 working days on the same credit card used for the purchase. If the credit card does not have funds before the enjoyment of the reserved service or the payment of said service is returned, it will be understood that the reservation has been canceled and, consequently, cancellation charges will be applied. The right to claim more damages is reserved.

  1. Extraordinary cancellation

The provider may cancel the activity without adhering to the cancellation period if the weather conditions, government actions or other unpredictable and unavoidable external circumstances would pose a danger to the development of the activity, make it impossible or substantially more difficult.

  1. Exclusion of participation

The provider has the right to deny access or exclude the user from any activity if it does not meet the eligibility requirements or if participation in the activity puts the user or other users at risk or otherwise interferes with the proper development of activity. In such cases, the amounts paid will not be reimbursed.

  1. Program modifications

The supplier also reserves the right to slightly modify the program if it considers it appropriate due to unavoidable or unpredictable circumstances.

  1. Modifications of the present general commercial conditions

The present commercial conditions can be modified without prior notice. Valid conditions will apply at the time of each reservation. The user has no guarantee that future bookings will be made under these conditions.

  1. Applicable law

The legal relationship between users and service providers will be governed in each case by the applicable legislation.